DecisionSim is a simulation-based learning platform that enhances decision-making by allowing organizations to easily create assessment, education, and training programs that deliver insights and improve outcomes through “real-world” engagement.

DecisionSim Solutions

Assessment, Education And Training Programs Built For Use In Multiple Markets

Simulations customized to address the needs of multiple audiences including HCPs, patients, and staff.

Leading Organizations Enhance Decision-Making With DecisionSim

The Benefits of DecisionSim

unlock The Power Of Simulation To Easily Create Assessment, Education And Training Programs

Improved Outcomes

Learners benefit from seeing the results of their decision-making in real-time, leading to improved retention and immediate application.

Actionable Insights

Each and every decision can be analyzed at individual, group and aggregate levels to help transform data into insights and recommendations.

The Science Of DecisionSim

Simulation That’s Easy To Implement

How DecisionSim Works

Learn how to improve outcomes through simulation

Decision Node Technology

Learn more about the technology that powers DecisionSim simulations

DecisionSim Insights

View results data and sample simulation reporting

Learn How Simple It Is To Get Started With DecisionSim

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Simulate. Engage. Improve.


05 Oct 2015

DecisionSim, Inc. to Provide Patient Education for Veterans Choice Program

02 Sep 2015

DecisionSim, Inc. Secures $1.85 Million in Series A Funding

01 Jul 2015

DecisionSim, Inc. Announces Licensing of Communications Training Technology from Drexel University College of Medicine


21 Jul 2015

A Way Forward: Enabling Effective Clinical Decision-Making Through Simulation

14 Jul 2015

Multiple Simulations to Assess Performance Improvement

05 May 2015

Assessment and Research with DecisionSim

Case Studies

08 Oct 2014

Embracing Branched Learning Techniques to Drive Better Education Outcomes

04 Aug 2014

Continuing Medical Education Simulation Identifies Challenges in Diagnosis and Treatment of Shift Work Disorder

25 Sep 2013

Web-based Clinical Simulations Help Professional Society Members Better Diagnose And Treat Anaphylaxis

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